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You’ve got your online business set and ready to roll in the cash. But how do you do so? That’s something most of you tend to forget while setting up your businesses online. Yes, you have a beautiful website, next to that is the products or services that are ready to be sold, but there is no actual way to accept payments online.

And even if you do, the multiple options out there that let you get the money from the client online doesn’t make things any easier. So, you don’t know which service to go with and often make the wrong choice by going with the most popular services. Not that it is a bad thing, but paying big bucks to attain those services is somewhat difficult for a company that small.

So, how small businesses are supposed to accept credit card payments online? That’s where Payolee comes in with their easy to use payment gateway service. Now, all businesses: small or big alike can accept payments online with a simple easy to use service that is changing the landscape for online transactions forever.

Accept Payments Online
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Why Payolee over other proven services as an online payment gateway?

The first question anyone asks is why not go with services that are already proven to be great. And to be honest, I don’t have any problem if anyone chose any one of those services. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, those services are better suited for a big company more than a company that is just getting started.

As you all know, the most prominent player in the online transaction industry is PayPal. They are in more than 200 countries and take payments in 25 different currencies. And online giants like Amazon that are everywhere depend on them to get their money from the clients. However, a small local bakery that started selling confectionaries online doesn’t have to deal with such a big client base like Amazon. Yes, they can have the same online payment processing service for themselves, but that would be too costly.

Those businesses look for the cheapest way to accept credit card payments online. And that’s where Payolee emerges to be winning.

They are offering the same level of secure online transactions for half the cost and even less. And they are redefining the entire online transaction system which makes them first choice for many small enterprises.

So, what benefits Payolee has?

Getting to save money is not enough to choose Payolee over the other online transaction services. And to be honest, you’re not going to pick it over the others just because it’s cheap. There are a variety of features that make Payolee stand out from the competition. So, let’s take a quick tour to find out those features:

Easy to sign up: From the very beginning, you feel comfortable with the payment processing software. It’s so easy to sign up on Payolee. And it’s free. So, kudos to them. But to be fair, most services today lets you sign up for free. The fact that it is easier makes it more compelling.

Easy to set up: Unlike other online payment gateways, you don’t require any coding to integrate the software on the website. You just simply add the transaction system on your business website with a couple of simple steps and bang! you’re ready to trade. And obviously, that makes Payolee a better option for those who don’t have the technical knowledge or the manpower to handle those things for them. So, now anyone can build their website, and add the payment gateway on their own.

Subscription model: Some business depends on sales while some business work on something known as the subscription-based model. So, let me clear things for you if you don’t know what it is. For example, you run a local gym and the member to your gym has to pay monthly fees to come in and workout. So, they have to pay the charges regularly from month to month. Unlike a bakery, where people come, order and pay.

So, a subscription-based business model depends on recurring customers. Therefore, you have to have a system in place for them to pay the fees without doing it every single time. And like most payment services, Payolee lets the business to accept payments online for free from their recurring customers with an easy to set up recurring billing system. So, it makes things easier for both the business and the customers.

No merchant account: One thing that makes Payolee unique from its contemporaries is that they kept things simple. The reason for saying so is that you have to set up a merchant account for businesses. But what Payolee did brilliantly is that they get rid of the merchant account altogether.

So, when you set up Payolee, whether you have a business empire or just for your personal use only, you can use the same account for everything. You get access to all the facilities as of a business account with a Payolee account. And that policy is going to pay a big dividend in the future for this service.

Bridges the gap: As I have mentioned a couple of times, the simplicity factor of the payment gateway is key to its success. They have provided businesses to accept payments online without a merchant account. That’s something unheard of before Payolee. But they have bridged the gap of the transaction between customers and businesses in such a way that both parties feel comfortable using their online credit card processing over others.

They are providing letting companies accept automated payments easily. At the same time, customers getting a simpler way to pay bills that is fast and secure. Payolee made it a fun experience for both.

Secure transaction: There are so many online payment services out there that it’s hard to pick one. However, very few offer a secure transaction system. And that’s where Payolee comes up on top with some of the best payment processing software.

You will be getting the same level of safety as Paypal or other big player offers with Payolee. And when it comes to sharing your credit card or bank details with third-party software, you don’t want to be taking chances. So, even on that front, Payolee accepts credit card payments online with 100% security.

Raising funds: Yes, Payolee is targeted mainly towards small local businesses. However, there are other things that some people forget which makes it so great. And one such feature is its online fundraising platform. That’s right. Payolee lets you accept donations online.

So, if you’re looking to set up quick online fundraising for a charitable cause. Or want to help a charitable organization throughout the year through recurring donations. That is something this online payment gateway service lets you do through their unbelievable platform.

So, as you can see, there are so many benefits of using the Payolee service. And you can hardly overlook them. These make some compelling case for you to make Payolee your choice of payment gateway.

Let’s talk numbers:

You know it is for small businesses, so, it is cheaper than other services. But that’s just all talk. You need to see the real numbers to see if it really is as cheap as being said. Or just another scam. So, let’s get into the numbers.

As it turns out, like other services, Payolee doesn’t charge a flat fee on their services. Instead, they charge for their enterprise software depending on the amount on the sales. In that way, Payolee can compete with other services. And obviously, it works in favor of the business too.

So, how the whole thing work you ask? Let me give you a quick example.

The lowest price they start with is 8 dollars per month. So, if your business is doing 0-500 dollars sales transactions on their platform, then you have to pay that amount of money as a service charge. Now, as you can imagine, the more sales you have, the more money you require to pay for the service. And this can go up to 500 dollars per month if you’re trading around 40000 worth of money on their platform through the sales.

So, it’s like a double-edged sword kind of a situation you’ve got here with Payolee. If you’re running a small business with fewer transactions online then it’s a great choice to have it as your gateway partner. But if you have a scalable business, that is growing with more sales, you will be duped out of a lot of money. So, it depends on how much cash you’re rolling in. If it’s not a lot, then hands down! Payolee is the cheapest way to accept credit card payments.

So, is Payolee for you or not?

I think the answer you’re looking for is already been fed to you. But if you’re still struggling with the decision then let me make it even easier.

If you have a small business to run and want to have an easy way to accept payment online from customers then Payolee seems likely to be the best choice. Let me say why I feel that way. I’m guessing you are not likely to do a lot of business online. And most of your sales might come through direct sales. In that case, you will be taking cash or even bill customers credit card the regular way. You won’t be doing a lot of transactions on the platform.

However, being online, some of your sales also bound to come through that medium too. It might not be a lot, but there will be a need to provide a payment gateway for online customers. That’s where Payolee helps you out. Because with a minimum fee, you can have a payment method set up in minutes that is very easy to use for both parties.

On the other hand, if you provide a service that works on a subscription-based model, also then the platform can be of real use to you.

However, if you mostly do business online, and if it does well, there will be a lot of transactions online. In that case, depending on your sales, you would have to pay more for their services. And that can be sometimes frustrating.

So, think about your business model. How big it is? Do you think the online market to be where you need to be or not? If you have a clear idea of all these things, you can easily choose one or the other. But one thing to remember, the flexibility of the Payolee subscription model will be in your favor most of the time.


I know to decide on a payment gateway, you require to have expert opinions as well as the people’s experience of using it. And Payolee has good customer feedback which is a good sign.

Yes, the company is still small compared to some giants and there is much more to improve. But the things that matter the most, they got it to the tee. So, if you’re looking to set up a gateway to accept payments online in seconds, then there is very who comes close to the quality of Payolee.

Especially, small businesses can partner with it to grow themselves as well as let it grow too. It’s like a match made in heaven if you ask me.

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