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Best Web Hosting for WordPress
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There are many hosting options out there but what is the best Best Web Hosting for WordPress website in this blog we’re going to compare different types of hosting solutions and compare the two most popular ones which are shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting

Hi, I’m Chiranjit from Affiliate University. before we get started what has been the best and worst experience that you’ve had with WordPress hosting platforms let me know in the comments down below and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Let’s take a look at how websites, in general, are being hosted so in order to make your website available to the world. You need to host it on a server that will be connected to the web.

Now, these servers are going to connect the data, files, and the scripts of your website which will be returned as a result of the search query that people make on a daily basis.

How well these servers are set up and how powerful this server is going to define how fast this process will happen and how fast it happens defines how fast your website load speed, so the faster your website load speed is the higher you will rank on the search engine result pages.

So, as you see everything is interconnected which is why you want to make sure that you choose the best WordPress hosting out there. Now let’s talk about the types of WordPress hosting so there are four main types of WordPress hosting which are dedicated hosting, VPS, managed WordPress hosting, and shared hosting.

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So, let’s start by discussing what a dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting will provide a dedicated server for your website only. You won’t have to share it with any other websites. Sounds great right, and any types of security issues that would have happened to other web sites will not have to affect your website.

Basically your website’s fortune is not dependent on the other website which is great. however, you need to keep in mind that what dedicated hosting is and you will need to be the one to set up your server and have it up and running.

If you do not have the expertise then you want to have a special team that will do that for you. which is going to cost you a lot. It will be at least a hundred dollars for dedicated hosting and it can go as high as 300 dollars per month for only one dedicated hosting. so if you do not have the time the resources and experienced team that will help you for setting up and maintaining dedicated hosting then this option is not an optimal one for you.

VPS is short for a virtual private server which is the type of shared hosting. The difference between shared hosting and a VPS is that VPS also uses a certain physical server, however, it’s about 10 to 20 websites can be hosted on a VPS and the reason why it’s called virtual server is that each of these two in 10 to 20 websites has a single virtual server for them and this means that they have a certain amount of resources provided for them.

Whatever happened to one of the websites hosted on this server will not have a chain effect on the rest of the website. which is great, however, if you have a growing website virtual private servers are not a great option for you because in case if you have a set of search of traffic for different types of reasons this may happen for example marketing reasons or something else.

The resources that are provided to your website will not scale automatically which usually happens with other types of Best Web Hosting for WordPress such as shared or managed WP hosting. so if you know that your website might one day have a certain traffic search and might need more resources than they actually the VPSs are not something you want to use.

Shared hosting gives me one of the most popular types of WordPress hosting and perhaps the cheapest thing with shared hosting. However, it is that you have to share everything that is given to your website with the rest of the websites that are hosted on your physical server as well.

Unlike VPS shared hosting is that you do not have a virtual server provided for your website and the resources that are given to you are not limited which means that the security issues that shared hosting usually have and the speed issues they might be affecting the rest of the websites as well.

This is a great thing in a way that is going to be cheap however, you will have to make additional expenditures on securities and on speed also on back backups and things like that in order to make sure that your website will not go down one day.

These are additional payments and additional headaches that you will have to take into consideration before choosing shared hosting. Now if you have a small website and you do not think that you’re going to grow very fast you might want to choose shared hosting.

I would like you to hear out what manage hosting have to offer it before you do that managed hosting gives several last generations and high-performing servers in the cloud computing environment.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress is Managed WordPress hosting and it is the most reliable and secure dynamic type of hosting that manages every technical aspect of running a website by themselves so everything with a nice WordPress hosting is safe and secure.

However, They might be a little pricey but this aspect has become history as well stay tuned to find out now as I promised we are going to compare it to the most popular types of hostings which are shared hosting.

The thing is that you need to know about shared hosting is that people usually choose, because of how cheap they are it can start from a $3. 00 per month subscription plan and it can go as high as 12 dollars per month but the lower you pay the more a commitment you need to have.

If you’re paying three dollars a month and you need to have a 36-month commitment with shared hosting since you have one private server shared with hundreds of different types of websites and you are going to have security and speed issues. so, you will need to purchase additional like malware removal, services backups and also SSL certificates which can accumulate

I don’t know $200 a month commit for a 12-month commitment also the speed issue is about a 30 Google page speed score which is red-flagged by search engines when for your chances of ranking higher on Google. So there are a lot of things that you need to know about shared hosting and there are a lot of additional costs that you are going to have to cover when it comes to shared hosting

You might consider all those before choosing shared hosting. Now let’s talk about managed WordPress hosting which is very secure they are very safe and you get a free SSL certificate.

You also get free malware scans and you get free backups and automatic ones so everything is managed by the hosts and you literally do not have to do anything connected with the technical aspects of running your website so that’s a great thing

What people usually ignore imagine where to post hosting is because they are pricey but I as already mentioned history and there is a very great plan offered for you now stay tuned to learn all about it.

so, as I mentioned tell oppose the best price offered in the market for Best Web Hosting for WordPress providers as you see prices start at ten dollars per month and you can go as low as six dollars per month in case of 10 or more websites hosted.

I tell him but let’s not go deep into that just yet in order for you to have a more clear picture. I decided to pick some of the popular shared hosting platforms out there and compare them. These companies are SiteGround, Namecheap, and Bluehost

I’m going to compare these WordPress hosting providers based on eight components and these components are things like Page Speed Security elasticity of time customer support and complementary tools as well as pricing. Now let me go through each of these components so that you have a better understanding of why I chose these components for comparison?

Starting with Page Speed, Page Speed is one of the most important ranking factors for google the higher your Page Speed score the higher your chances for ranking on the first page of the search engine result pages also besides ranking speed helps you the creature bounce rate most users end to leave a website.

If it lost anything over five seconds so for the sake of increasing your user experience and driving more traffic to your website. You want to make the optimization process of the page speed of your website a number one priority for you. so moving on to the next component which is security.

I already mentioned earlier in this blog due to the fact that websites hosted on a single server sure although resources among each other they have high-security risks and speed risks.

Anything that might happen to one website on a shared hosting platform may have a chain effect on the rest of the websites as well. This is why you would like your hosting provider to provide you with security services preferably for free so that you do not have to pin any additional money besides what you are already paying for the hosting provider.

The next thing is the elasticity. Elasticity is a crucial component of hosting providers especially if you have a potentially growing business you want to stay ensured that their sources given to your website will scale whenever you have sudden traffic or memory search.

This is preferable for well this is preferable to be available for all the plans that a certain hosting company has to offer so that you do not have to upgrade your plan just to be able to have a scale of scalable resources.

Now the next thing is uptime. Uptime is one of the most important components that you need to pay attention to when it comes to choosing a Best Web Hosting for WordPress platform for most companies. Ensuring a 99.9% uptime, however, is rarely true usually one of the most of the best ways to ensure that that amount of uptime is to host your website on a cloud computing environment.

Support is another component that is absolutely crucial because no matter how experienced you are you want to have good customer support available therefor you 24/7 to answer all your questions and inquiries whenever you have them

The next component is complementary tools which are some tools or features that you want to pay attention to once you think a hosting. You want to know what additional features and services they will be provided whenever the price that you pay for just hosting for your website 

Now we will take a look at these deeper and you will understand what these are and last but not least its pricing. Pricing is definitely something that you want to pay attention to when choosing a hosting. Seeing a cheap price that doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all. You need to pay closer attention to all the features and components that you’re getting with this plan

You do not want to overpay by purchasing additional features besides the host. so now let’s go to the pricing and the plans that might already mention companies have to offer and let’s see what their plans have to offer and do they include these components and are they worthy hosting companies for your website.

I already mentioned present is one of the most important components that you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting company for your website and pricing is one of the most popular things one of the most common things that people pay attention to when choosing a hosting

This may be one of the main things that they look at when purchasing the host but pricing is very biased because people may just purchase the lowest possible while the cheapest possible hosting company but in reality, they may end up paying a lot more because there are a lot of features that were not in the plan

They didn’t know about it and they just end up purchasing so many things that it just costs a lot more than some other hosting company who might have cost it for them so that’s what I’m going to help you understand

Here is the Best Web Hosting for WordPress Details with Price

SiteGround Cloud Hosting:

SiteGround Cloud Web Hosting for WordPress
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SiteGround Shared Hosting:

SiteGround Shared Hosting
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Bluehost Cloud Hosting:

Bluehost Cloud Hosting
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Bluehost Shared Hosting:

Bluehost Shared Hosting
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Namecheap Cloud Hosting:

Namecheap Web Hosting for WordPress
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Namecheap Shared Hosting:

Namecheap Shared Hosting
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